I always feel that for any big occasion, event and especially for your wedding it is good for your guests to feel like they know where to go or what to do without having to ask someone or wander around before the time unsure of their surroundings. On your wedding invitation, you will include the basic information of your wedding day but not the finer details for what happens after your ceremony has begun.

Usually, the first signage you will have at the entrance to your wedding venue is a “Welcome” sign. This can vary depending on your specific style, taste and what your wedding theme is but you will welcome all your guests to you wedding.


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Secondly, a sign somewhere that is informative to your guests and gives them a brief summary of the order of events on your wedding day. Ideally, this should be close to the reception area of the wedding venue so that once your wedding guests have walked through the entrance they can know what to expect. Alternatively, if you would prefer to do individual leaflets that can be taken by your guests from a table that is also fine as long as they have some indication of where they need to be in order to not miss key events. It may seem ridiculous to think that the guests are at your wedding and will not disappear anywhere but you will be surprised! You may find them walking through the beautiful gardens because they are so amazed by their surroundings or may have gone quickly to their room to freshen-up.


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Thirdly, you may want to have something which gives your guests some sort of direction on where things are at the wedding venue especially if it is on fairly big premises. For example: where the ceremony will be taking place if it is at the same venue, where to get a welcome drink when the arrive as well as for after the ceremony, where the cutting of the cake will be, also where they can find the photographer and where guests can even capture their own pictures as well as for the Bride and Groom.


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Fourthly, a wedding is a big celebration of love, life and endless happiness. More importantly it is the celebration of two lives joining together as one. It also brings  the Bride and Grooms family together as well as other family and friends. Thus, there is nothing more beautiful than your family and friends getting to see and read about your love story. At our wedding, we did not necessarily have a story board from the beginning till now but rather a picture that summarised our high-school sweetheart journey from the first day we met to the “Yes” day and then to the best day being our wedding day. This was easier for us than to try collate 10 years worth of pictures and memories onto a big board.


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Fifth, we felt that having two signs alongside the pathway leading to our wedding ceremony was a nice idea to highlight the ceremony procession, a note to thank our family for their continued love and support as well as to family and friends for sharing the special day with us. On the second board, it highlighted the names of the marriage officer, the parents of the bride and groom as well as the bridesmaids and groomsmen.


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Lastly, you should always have a sign usually just outside of your wedding reception area with your guests seating arrangement. This is so that your guests are able to make a note before the time on which table number they have been seated at. This avoids guests rushing all at once or at the last-minute to see where exactly they need to seated and at which table number.


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There are many other various options in terms of decor to explore which could add to your wedding venue and expresses your love together.

Please feel free to ‘Contact Us’, for your personalised wedding signage. We would love to create the perfect wedding signage for you that not only ties your theme together but expresses your true love together as a couple.