When choosing your wedding menu, you usually have an option to go for either a buffet or a sit-down dinner service based on your wedding venue. This will also largely depend on what your budget allows for and how many guests you will be having at your wedding. I think that no matter what you decide it will always look more visually appealing if you are able to print an individual menu for each guest. Although, some may feel that this is a wedding expense that can be avoided by printing one menu for each table instead. A possible suggestion would be to rather compromise on something else but try to ensure that your guests are accommodated accordingly.

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Wedding menus for each guest can also be made more personal. If you attach their name to it instead of making placement names on the table. My husband and I spent a few nights burning the midnight oil by stringing each menu with names of over 100 wedding guests to it. Every moment was so worth it! In the end, the cost to print all the menu’s was really affordable and we would love to make your wedding menu’s for all your special guests!

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