A wedding garter stems from previous traditions and a bride now wears this as an accessory on her wedding day. It is worn just above the knee underneath her beautiful wedding dress on either leg. There is no specific tradition on which leg it should be worn so it is completely up to the bride where it will be most comfortable but you want to make sure that it is not too high on your leg that is cuts off your circulation or that it is too low and may slip off.

It is also a good idea to make sure that your groom knows which leg your garter is on and if you may decide to wear both your garters, then the one you would like to keep should be higher than the one you wish to toss. Otherwise, you can also just wear the one that you wish to toss and keep the other one safely where it won’t get lost.


There is usually time set aside in the night when there will be a bouquet toss and also when the garter is removed by the groom and tossed towards all the unmarried men. The bouquet toss is usually done first and then the garter toss thereafter, similarly it is said that whoever catches either the bouquet or the garter will be the next to get married.


I also love the idea that the garter can also be that touch of ‘Something Blue’ if you follow the traditional idea of ‘Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue’. Then at least it is hidden and not added to your outside appearance if you choose to keep an all white look. Otherwise, if your wedding theme colour is a turquoise or a beautiful blue tone then you can always have bridemaids dresses that will add this element for you to the wedding along with a matching garter.


Get your very own chic garter or even a matching pair, one to toss and one to keep.

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