One great idea for your wedding guests is a sweet table that can be made available to them straight after your wedding ceremony and throughout your wedding day. It will also keep them busy while you taking your couple and family photos. And let’s be honest who doesn’t love a sweet treat?! I certainly do and I’m sure it will also keep your guests energy levels up to last them till the end of the night. Your sweet table will also be a great idea to accompany your canapé selection and will most certainly add just the right amount of sweet and savory before the start of your wedding reception.

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The key to a sweet table is to make it look chic and to not make it look like you are attending your child’s first birthday party with an array of colourful sweets. Try to keep to similar shades and colour assortment of sweets. It is also important to ensure that you select sweets and canapés that is easy to eat for your guests and that they are not too messy. The last thing you want when you have taken hours to get ready for such a special occasion is to be messing all over your fancy dress or your suit and tie.

For our wedding, the colour palette was mostly white, grey and silver. I then went on a sweet treat hunt for ‘all white’ sweets only. This included a selection of Sally Williams nougat, mini marshmallows, chocolate sticks, popcorn, coconut sweets, jelly beans, wedding biscuits as well as white glitter dusted cake pops. I had also made cute printed bags with a few short quotes on it which guests could fill with their own sweet selection and then they wouldn’t have to worry about carrying it all in their bare hands.

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I absolutely loved the idea of the wedding biscuits because it incorporated the look and feel of our wedding but in an edible form. I had a Princess Dress, my husband was in a Suit and we had a Four-Tier Wedding Cake. You too can get your wedding biscuits to the style of your wedding theme.

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