One of the main things to take into consideration once you have received most of your RSVP’s from your guests is how to thank them for attending your wedding.

There is various options you can do depending on your wedding budget. If you looking for something that speaks glam and is a ‘personal toast’ that you can share with each of your wedding guests even once your big day is over. Then, a beautifully decorated mini Champagne bottle is just the guest gift you need. Detailed with a touch of glitter and finished off with a ribbon and a card to say “Thank You”. Let your wedding guests pop bottles and continue the wedding celebration.

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Not only are Champagne bottles a great way to toast and celebrate but it also looks visually appealing decorated on a round table in the reception area to your wedding venue with a beautiful arrangement of flowers in the center. Your guests get to see it when they walk into the venue and can simply take one home when they leave. At most wedding venues, you have to pay corkage for any additional bottles you bring to the venue and this can often be waivered if you make special arrangements with your venue that guests are to only take one home and not to drink it at the venue.

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While your wedding budget may be a bit tight with all the beautiful things your heart desires as well as all the guests that may be attending your wedding day. There is also another great option which you could have to thank your wedding guests and that is wedding chocolates. It adds that delicious something alongside their menu and you can definitely not go wrong with chocolate because who doesn’t love a little sweet after their meal.


The wedding guest gift ideas certainly does not end here with only Champagne bottles and Chocolate’s on the table. We would love for you to ‘Contact Us‘ for further ideas and inspiration perfectly suited for your wedding and budget.

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