‘I Do’ Reminder

Before you say “I do”, you need to ensure that the guests you wish to invite to your wedding have sent their RSVP in time. The most important reason for this is so that you are able to know the total number of guests who will be attending your wedding and that you can avoid possibly paying for guests who will not be attending your wedding. As we know weddings are expensive and you definitely want to try and avoid this additional expense.

Another reason is that you will also need to give the final confirmed number of guests to your wedding venue. The sooner you get all your RSVP’s in the better because for mostly everything at your wedding you always counting upon the number of guests who will be attending. This can specifically be anything from serving guest welcome drinks, to guest gifts on the table or even how many guests you will be paying for at the wedding venue.

Teal Wedding Reception Invitation*The RSVP website above is not a real website, arrange a meeting with us and we will gladly discuss our actual Wedding RSVP Website*

Sending out your very own personalised ‘I Do Wedding Reminder’ also just adds a special element. It not only serves as a reminder to the wedding guests who may have got caught up in the excitement and have almost forgotten to RSVP but it also gets everyone excited to see a bit more from your wedding as it gets closer.

Usually you want to give your guest enough time to RSVP so that they can Save-The-Date and they know well in advance that it is your wedding day. You can space out your wedding reminders depending on how much time you want to give your wedding guests to respond.

Teal Wedding Reception Invitation2*The RSVP website above is not a real website, arrange a meeting with us and we will gladly discuss our actual Wedding RSVP Website*




Whether you decide to physically hand-out invitations or send invitations out via email. It is always a great idea to create a wedding website (this can be done using a free wedding web-hosting platform). It makes it super easy to get everyone to RSVP at one specific place and it will then let you know exactly how many guests will be attending or who still needs to RSVP without having to physically count. On the otherhand, if you receiving RSVP’s via email it is more condusive to human error which could result in miscounting the number of guests attending your wedding because it is in and amongst all your personal/business emails.

We would love to help you and make your ‘Bride-To-Be’ life easier.

Contact us and we can create your personalised ‘I Do’ Wedding Reminders for your guests as well as a Wedding Website for you to track your guests as easy as counting one, two, three.